This page will display our account(s) progress at ApexTraderFunding and Earn2Trade (more to come) trading automated strategies optimized for the evaluation and funded phases.

Dynamic slider UNDER CONSTRUCTION. It will compare live results between Apex and Earn2Trade 150K accounts.


Accumulated cost:

Net Profit:



Max Drawdown:

Cost per month$undefined will be less overall when earnings offset bad month.
The ratio is super attractive:
1. Easy to evaluate risk versus potential return.
2. Statistically predictable outcomes..
3. Achievable goals.

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The government requires a disclaimer that futures trading involves high risk in which you can lose more than the original deposit. The upside of trader funding programs is you'll never lose substantial amounts of capital, so your risk is limited to your cost of subscription. Yes, you may lose accumulated trading profits, but that's not capital that originated from your savings or from personal funding.